February 2020


"Our children are always delivered at home, why would we need to go to the hospital?” - Anjum Shaikh.

Anjum's first baby was stillborn and was delivered at home. However, she and her husband were adamant about not registering her second pregnancy at the nearby hospital. They were persistent about delivering the baby at home. Read how SNEHA worked with the couple to ensure Anjum had a safe and healthy delivery.

Many women in the slums of Mumbai are unaware of the maternal health services available at state-run health care centres and hospitals. They also have limited understanding of the best practices for the well-being of mothers and newborns.

In our 20-year journey, you have played an important role in helping us better the lives of many women and children. Till date we have assisted 70,000+ high-risk pregnant women to deliver safely. However, we still have a long way to go. We appeal to you to continue supporting our efforts towards ensuring healthy women and children.



16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism campaigns at SNEHA

A bunch of activities were carried out by our programme teams in solidarity to end any kind of violence against women and girls.

Yuvanaad 2020 - Annual Youth Festival
Organised by the adolescents our Empowerment, Health and Sexuality of Adolescents (EHSAS) team works with, the festival was held on National Youth Day. The theme for the event was 'The Silence of Patriarchy', held in partnership with Antarang Foundation. The high-energy festival saw the youth participate in various competitions like debates, poster painting, street plays, social rap/gaana re-write, dance, and photography. 

SNEHA on 93.5 RED FM
RJ Abhimanyu, 93.5 RED FM and Dr. Nayreen Daruwalla, Programme Director, Prevention of Violence against Women & Children (PVWC) Programme at SNEHA discussed how we help women who suffer violence and abuse and the laws available to women to fight against any kind of violence. 

The humanitarian journey of Dr. Armida Fernandez, founder trustee, SNEHA in The Better India 


Dr. Rama Shyam, Programme Director, EHSAS on The Pragati Podcast: Episode 122 - The Adolescents of India 



Pouruchisti Wadia, of Romila Palliative Care, SNEHA speaks to My Medical Mantra as Kerala is set to launch its palliative care grid



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